Shenzhen Idea Technology Co., Ltd.

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Company Overview

Founded in 2015 and located at the forefront of innovation in Shenzhen, China, Shenzhen Idea Technology Co., Ltd. is dedicated to redefining the wallet experience for the modern consumer. Our mission is “to make wallets more concise and user-friendly.” Through continuous innovation and technological upgrades, we provide consumers with wallet solutions that are both practical and stylish.


Main Business and Products

Idea Technology specializes in the development and production of various simple card holders, metal wallets, metal money clips, and wallets and card holders combining multiple materials. Our product line encompasses combinations of metal, leather, wood, and resin synthesis, catering to the diverse needs of different customers.


Target Market and Customers

Our target customer base mainly includes Amazon sellers, independent website sellers, private brand sellers, as well as sellers on major e-commerce platforms and overseas physical stores. Our market covers North America, Europe, Saudi Arabia, and other countries and regions globally.


Company Facilities and Team


Factory Area: Our production base has a modern factory covering an area of 2,500 square meters.

Equipment: Equipped with 30 automated machines and 5 laser printers to ensure efficient and precise production processes.

R&D Team: Comprising 6 research and development personnel with rich industry experience and innovative capabilities.

Quality Control: Our product testing team consists of 8 professionals responsible for strict quality monitoring.

Idea Technology R&D Strength

Led by senior engineers from Huawei, our team achieves integrated professional production from 3D design to prototype development.

Prototyping Capability

With our own CNC workshop and mold stamping, we halve the time for mold development and prototyping, enhancing efficiency.

Production Process Control

300,000 sets / month, every step from raw materials to finished products is completed in-house, ensuring high efficiency .

Rapid Iteration

Continuously upgrading products based on market feedback and consumer opinions.

Comprehensive Customization Services

Offering CNC mold customization, product appearance customization, performance customization, material / logo / packaging customization.

Core Values

We are committed to creating convenient, simple, and durable wallets, dedicated to providing customers with high-quality products at great value.



Idea Technology and our supply chain hold multiple patents for design inventions and technologies. Our products are highly popular on platforms like Amazon, making us the preferred supplier for many top sellers.



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